How to unbrick dead Brick MTK phone

Most people flashing MTK device usually have this same problem. Whenever they are flashing they always forget to backup their phones preloader. This is very important, so incase it is dead then you flash in the preloader and it continue working, or you port in the system file and the userdata thats all what you need. Android smartphones are the most sought out and flexible in every major market in the world. It brings a higher-level performance and numerous user-friendly functions, from simpler personalization to completely altering the operating system as per your micro-specific requirements.
The best advantage for an Android user is the ability to play with ROMs, kernels and new settings. However, when a procedure goes wrong, even a basic auto-update can bring a bug to your device and brick it.
However, before we discuss the nitty-gritty, it is imperative to understand what does the term “Brick” mean concerning an Android handset.
Types of Bricking:
There are two types of bricking —

  • Soft brick, caused by software &,
  • hard brick, caused by hardware.

Why does an android handset brick?
The interruption caused while updating an Android device is the leading cause for bricking. The disruption may occur in the form of an in-device power failure, user interference or partially unusable & overwritten firmware.

Other causes include:

  • Malicious software
  • Installing defective or incorrect firmware on a faulty hardware.
  • Installing firmware from a different region.
  • Interrupted update session, or unplugging from charging during the update.
  • If you identify with the above-listed situations, then it is time to comprehend what happens during the process of bricking entirely.

What Happens During Bricking?

  • An Android phone gets bricked due to interruption while rooting or during the process of an OS Upgrade which can render your device useless.
  • If your Android phone is soft bricked, then you will not be able to boot the ROM, and hence, it keeps rebooting, or it may not turn on. When you try to run the device in a recovery mode, it freezes.
  • While a hard bricked Android phone renders it useless.

Secure Solution For Soft Brick:

However, soft brick is easy to fix by resetting your Android device or formatting the Cache Partition to remove user data and cache files that can make it work again.

Step 1 : Download correct Stock ROM for your android phone.

It’s most basic and most important step before going to start any unbricking process. there are many sources on internet to download stock ROM just google it and you get what you want. But remember as I previously mentioned you should have to flash correct stock ROM to your phone which is designed for phone specifically so before downloading anything or flashing anything to your phone please check ROM for model number and it’s version ( 8GB,16GB etc).
Step 2 : Setup environment for unbricking process.

Before going to unbrick your hard bricked MediaTek or MTK device. We first need to install some tools and drivers into our PC in order to connect our phone to PC. Many people don’t focuses on this step and says that phone is not connecting to PC. so understand it’s very important to have correct drivers installed to connect any device to computer.
Requirements :

  • SP Flash tool
  • MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers.

Step 3 : Make your phone detectable to computer by using META mode

Now It’s a time to attach your hard bricked phone to PC for unbricking process.But the problem is that phone is not detecting by PC. It’s most general and frustrating problem occurs when we try to flash stock ROM to our bricked android phone. Before solving this issue first understand what the problem is.
Why computer is not recognizing or detecting your phone ?

Reason 1 : You have not installed correct drivers.
Reason 2 : You have flashed wrong preloader in your phone.
In case of hard bricked phone the main cause of this problem is Reason 2.Stock ROM for MediaTek devices generally comes as a complete bundle in which preloader also included. Preloader is a thing which is used to flash ROMs to your phone using USB. But when you flashed wrong ROM to your phone preloader also get flashed and make it impossible to flash any ROM again to your phone. And phone becomes a dead device neither it will going to boot or even give any single LED blink nor it will going to detect by your PC anymore.
It’s reason why most of the people including some low grade technicians thinks that phone is no more and told us to purchase new motherboard.
Fortunately in case of MediaTek or MTK device there still a way to solve out this problem using a mode called META Mode. Now follow my instructions to get in META Mode and get back our phone.

How to enter in META Mode ?

  • Open device manager from computer properties.
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  • Remove your battery and connect your phone to PC through USB while pressing volume down button and wait for 5 seconds to get in META Mode. you should detect change in device manager and when you click on ports you will find new device added at port as MediaTek USB Port.
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Note : In most cases volume down works because companies which is using MediaTek devices follow this convention to get in META Mode however If you are not entering in META Mode by pressing volume down button also trypower button and volume down + power button.

Step 4 : Fix Preloader to flash correct stock ROM.

Now It’s a time to fix preloader of our hard bricked phone in order to flash stock ROM using SP flash tool. It also solve out the problem of SP flash to get stuck while flashing ROM at DRAM flash.

  • Open SP flash tool and load scatter file from stock ROM folder.
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  • Uncheck all files except Preloader
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  • Hit download button on SP flash tool and connect USB to your phonewithout battery while holding volume down button.
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After connecting phone flashing process start automatically and after Redprogress bar wait for Purple progress bar. when flashing process completes you see Download Ok popup as image.

  • After successfully flashing preloader to your phone. you will see the phone is now detecting as a MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port in device manager.
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  • Disconnect your phone from PC.

Step 5 : Flash stock ROM to your MediaTek Android phone using SP Flash tool

After fixing preloader now we are able to flash our stock ROM in phone easily using SP flash tool. It’s very easy step and take only few minutes to revive your phone.

  • Open SP flash tool and load scatter file from Stock ROM.
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  • This time select all files and hit download button and connect your phone through USB to PC without battery while holding volume down button.
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You will see that ROM is now flashing in phone without any problem. AfterYellow progress bar Download Ok popup. Disconnect your phone and put battery in it and just boot up as usual by holding power button. If you have enough charge in battery your phone will started as usual. Protection Status