Unbelievable LG V40 ThinQ Unveiled With Five Camera Setup

LG G40 ThinQ Five Camera

The Android device camera that blows the mind, it is unbelieving seeing the massive LG V40 ThinQ unveiling with Five camera setup, this camera hit rounds the globe at present.

After a slew of leaks and rumors, LG 40 ThinQ five-camera setup is now official. In a small 30-second small teaser, LG shows off the hot-looking LG V40 ThinQ red carmine variant.

While the official release date is October 3rd, we have listed some credible information about the LG device. Firstly, LG 40 ThinQ will have a 6.4-inch display like its predecessor LG V30. The company has earlier said that it will keep the screen size same, but will turn bezels to nothingness.

LG has also said that it has sandblasted the ThinQ rear glass to get the perfect “silky feel.” Thus, the soft and silky touch references in the video. According to LG, this will finally get you rid of the scratches and smudges.

While the device does not show the front of the device, it is speculated that the device will have a notch at the front and a dual camera setup — thus, totaling up to five cameras on the device.

Other than that, there is an ongoing debate if the device will house a notch or not. Recently, Even Blass, a trustable leaker, tweeted that the device will not have a notch at the top.

As for me, I have never been a great fan of notches, in general. But since Google Pixel 3 has the audacity to do it, why not LG!

Source: Fossbyte

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