Still unable to register for FRSC and FFS, (all solved)

Follow the below instruction to successfully register your FRSC AND FFS recruitment form.

Many people complain several time to me that they are unable to register for the above recruitment or access their portal, or may encounter some error while or during or after registeration. This baffle me a lot, I was astound to share this simple way or steps for successful registration.

Dint forget to credit us after sucessful registration.

Let me share you how to do the registration easily on your android device
Try and download Mozilla Firefox on your phone
After installation then open, click on the menu key press the add-on

Search for user agent switcher
Install the 3rd one on the result page

After successful installation of your add on then goto the menu key and the user agent switcher which would have be on the menu list.

Click on it and change your device to windows and browser to chrome. Then click apply button in the below key.

Open or create a new email, then apply for the FRSC when it is between 2:00am to 6:00am
Then you are good to go
Wishing you the best of luck.

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