November Update for Black Shark 2 Pro rolled out: Brings October security patch, camera Improvements and More

Though gaming smartphones have managed to carve their own niche, some of them are falling behind when it comes to providing timely security patches. For instance, we can consider the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro which is currently receiving a late October 2019 security patch. We are heading towards the second week of December and such a late security patch may leave out multiple security issues unattended. The November Update for Black Shark 2 Pro is rolling with build number DLTR1911121OS01MP1 and DLTR1911090OS00MP1.


The latest software update for the Black Shark 2 Pro also brings a lot of other fixes and adds new features. The device now supports Korean, Lithuanian and Arabic languages. The new update fixes issue with the camera, USB debugging, Sharktime click failure, notification not displaying, etc. Also, the 1MP1 and 0MP1 updates optimize the Face unlock, Karaoke app, NoInCall in GameDock, camera, and overall system stability.

The November update also addresses the GameDock wake-up gesture malfunction, optimizes LightEffect icon in QuickSettings, translation, SharkTime floating ball. For detailed info on the new update, take a look at the changelog present below.


1. Update Google Security Patch to 2019-10-05

2. Added language support for Korean, Lithuanian, Arabic

3. Added unread notification light effect reminder feature

4. Addressed issue of camera 2X not smooth

5. Addressed issue that USB Debugging cannot be turned off

6. Addressed issue that may cause Sharktime click failure

7. Addressed issue that may cause notification not display

8. Addressed issue of GameDock wake-up gesture malfunction

9. Optimized power consumption of FaceUnlock

10. Optimized Sound effect of Karaoke App

11. Optimized Camera stability

12. Optimized system stability

13. Optimized stability when using GamePad

14. Optimized some translation

15. Optimized compatibility of NoInCall in GameDock and adapt some mainstream social applications

16. Optimized Sharktime floating ball and it can show up correctly

17. Optimized Icon of LightEffect in QuickSettings

The November Update for Black Shark 2 Pro is following a staged rollout. This means initially a few users in some regions will receive the update. Later the software will roll into other regions. To keep a tab on the update, you can go to your device Settings > System Update. If there is a new update you will be notified of the same. Otherwise, search for the latest update and download it if it’s rolling in your region.

Use a Wi-Fi network to swiftly download the software. Also, have a battery charge over 50% while you download and install the software update.

So, that’s it. Watch out for the November update for Black Shark 2 Pro from Xiaomi. Install and enjoy the new features. Protection Status