New 2020 Method to Bypass frp Galaxy A10E, Galaxy A20E Android 9

Bypass frp Galaxy A10E and Galaxy A20E without PC and Laptop by using 2020 new process, but you are required internet connection and sim removal pin, and also active sim card to apply this process for your phone to bypass google account, make sure you are following below steps with fully concentration, otherwise you will stuck on steps, we will try our best to make you understand each and single point, so you could easily bypass google account Samsung Galaxy A10E and A20E.


Warning: This method is only for device owner.

Tools Are Required:

-Wifi Connection.
-SIM Removal PIN.
-SIM Card (Pin Locked).

You can set 4 digits Pin Lock on your any active SIM Card using any other phone, after that you can use this sim card with your Galaxy A10E and A20E to bypass frp.


Let’s Start to Bypass frp Samsung Galaxy A10E and Galaxy A20E:

-First connect “WiFi” in your Galaxy device.

-Now go back to first “Lets Go!” screen.

-Now insert the pin locked “SIM CARD”.

-Type 4 digits pin lock code in your phone.

-Tap on “OK”.

Remove FRP Galaxy S8 Plus Android 9, remove frp galaxyx s8 android 9


-Now tap on > Next Arrow > Next > Skip this for now > next.

-You will see the screen of “Choose a Wi-Fi Network”

-Now just remove sim tray, do not remove it completely, just popup sim tray, so that your phone do not track the sim card.

-Also, do not remove “SIM Removal Pin” completely from the hole, just keep the removal pin in the hole so it may take a second in pressing the pin to remove sim tray again in next step.

-Here is the important step, that you have to apply on your device to go ahead for Bypass frp Galaxy A10E, Galaxy A20E

-Read this line paragraph before applying steps on your device, you have to insert sim card, after that quickly press on “Next”, once you see the “Black Screen”, just quickly remove “SIM Card”, after that quickly press on > OK > Lock icon > Notification Settings.

-So lets apply below steps as fast as possible, you dont need to be worried, if you are unable to apply below steps on time, you can repeat them again and again until you succeed, and do not see “Checking info” screen, because on failing, you will get this screen, then you will have to tap on “Back Arrow” to repeat below steps again.

-Insert SIM Card.
-Quickly Tap on “Next”.
-Quickly Remove SIM Card After seeing “Black Screen”.
-Now quickly tap on > OK > Lock icon > Notification Settings > See All.

Access to Samsung Browser to remove frp Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8 frp


-Once you succeed in above steps, you will see same screen as shown in below image.

-From there Tap on > Most Recent > All > Youtube > In App Notification Settings > About > Youtube Terms of services.

-Now from the chrome broser screen, just hit on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks to access the browser.


-Download top samsung frp tools to Bypass frp Galaxy A10E, and A20E.


Download top samsung frp tools:

-Type in address bar “Download Top Samsung frp tools“.

-Once you are done, tap on 1st searched result same shown in below to access our site frp tools page.


-Download from there below apps.

1/Google Account Manager 6.
2/Account Login.

-Go top of the page, and tap on “3 dots” from top right corner of your chrome browser, and then hit on “Downloads” to access the download folder, there you will see your both downloaded applications.


-First, tap on “Google Account Manager 6”, and then you will see popup window of chrome browser, just tap on “Settings”, and enable option “Allow from this source”.

-Tap on “Back Arrow” to go back to the download folder.

-Tap again on > Google Account Manager 6 > Install > Done.


-Now installing account login app also by tapping on > Account Login > Install > OPEN.


-After that, you just have to sign your active gmail account there to Bypass frp Galaxy A10E, and Galaxy A20E.

-So, tap on “3 dots” from top right corner from the Re-type Password screen.

-Select the option “Browser Sign-in”.

-Sign in there with your any active gmail account, which will be your next frp google account.


-Once signed in process finish, just restart your device to complete setup wizard. (You are all done, thank you), don’t forget to make comment.

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