1. The list of the configuration files is listed below and will duely be updated from time to time.

Take time in following the guides line given to you. Strictly

We have shared different config files for different VPNs for MTN mPulse cheat and MTN 0.0k cheat. But guess what? We have created a new 2-in-1 config file that works for both MTN  cheat and MTN mPulse data. Cool right?

We will only update this post with new 2-in-1 config files that works for both MTN 0.0k and mPulse data cheat. I will stop updating the old posts with new Config files.

HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel Rev 2in1 Config Files

For HTTP Injector VPN


For KPN Tunnel Rev VPN

  • KPN Config 1 – Download here
  • KPN Config 2 – Download here
  • KPN Config 3 – Download here. All the config files will expire 3-Oct-2018. I will keep updating this post with new files.
  • (Works for all Android phones. Make sure you tick SSH Tunnel)
  • If you don’t know how to import the config file on KPN Rev, click here to read the post – (Just scroll down to “How To Import Config”) Protection Status