How You Can Make Money With Your Gmail Account

Easiest way to make money from your google mail account

you can now monetize your Gmail account and be earning from it from time to time.

How to set up the Gmail integration

This feature is live for all users right now. Just log into your dashboard and look for the new “Bounces” tab, as shown below:

If you have a Gmail account, click that button to enable the integration and you’ll get a bounce dashboard that looks like this:

As you can see, you can bounce messages from salespeople while easily accepting messages from friends. You can also configure your whitelist by contact or domain, like this:

And you can set up a polite autoresponse to go out with every bounce:

How bounces work

Now that you’ve set it up, below is a quick gif of how the bounce process works. In this example, Jeff is sending an email to Sarah. He’s not on her contact list, so he gets a bounce. He then chooses to send her a paid message, which he can easily do through her profile. If she replies within a week, she gets paid and Jeff gets his reply.

It’s that simple: set up the Gmail integration and then forget it. You will bounce messages from folks outside your network, and they can pay you to get in touch if it’s an urgent matter.

A note on permissions and security

We recognize that email can be sensitive, so we ask for the absolute minimum number of permissions to enable the bounce feature, as shown below:

Importantly, you retain full control over your Gmail account. We make it easy for you to review all the activity that occurs in your inbox, and we never delete any emails from your account. We lean on Gmail’s API to store the minimum data necessary, and any data that we do store is securely encrypted on our servers.

With that said, the Earn Gmail integration is an optional feature, and you can enable it at your discretion. The purpose of doing so is to save you time and make you more money through your account.


Your time is valuable, and sorting through emails from people you don’t know — like marketers, recruiters and salespeople — can feel like work. With the Gmail integration, those senders now have an easy way to compensate you for the time spent reading and replying to their messages.

We hope you find this feature useful. If you have any questions, reach out to or join our community. Protection Status