How to unlock iphone network lock for free

How to remove network lock on iPhone, unlock iphone network for free

Removing network lock on iPhone has been somehow difficult for years back, but today we arrived at solutions. A Free Unlock Server is a database which contains factory unlock codes for most Smartphones, and more specifically Android devices. a Free iPhone Unlock Server is something different, since iPhones do not use Unlocking Codes for removing their Network Lock.

The closest thing to a Free iPhone Unlock Serveris a tutorial which will show you how to request a free SIM-Lock Deactivation from the appropriate authority.

For iPhones, the appropriate authority for removing their SIM-Lock are the Mobile NetworksFor instance, if an iPhone is locked on AT&T USA network, only AT&T USA company can remove the SIM-Lock. (You can get an idea ofhow to check if an iPhone is Locked/Unlocked)

So, when you read about Free iPhone Unlock server solutions, do not expect a code, but step by step solutions on how to request a SIM-Lock removal from your iPhone’s Mobile Network.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone through a Free iPhone Unlock Server

Free iPhone Unlock Server - iPhone IMEI Check reportIn order to successfully request for a FREE iPhone Carrier Lock removal, you need to know which Mobile Network is responsible for this lock.

An iPhone can only get SIM-Locked by one carrier, which means that this Carrier is responsible for unlocking it (Apple cannot remove SIM-Locks).

If you are the owner of that iPhone, then you should already know the following information:

  • Which Carrier is SIM-Locking your iPhone
  • If it is reported as Lost or Stolen by that Carrier
  • If it is still Under Contract with that Carrier
  • If it has Unpaid Bills or other Financial issues with that Carrier

You need to be 100% certain of the above information, else your SIM-Lock removal request will be rejected. Protection Status