How to track your Lost or Stolen smart phone

Easy way to track your Android Device with IMEI or with your Google Account.

When you lose your phone, having your IMEI can be a huge help. You can potentially use it to track down your device, or simply identify a stolen one. If you lose an Android phone, you can find your IMEI online in your Google Dashboard.

Your Google Dashboard has always been a useful tool for your Google activity. Among many other things, you can also find your phone’s IMEI number here. The information is stored for any device you’ve connected to your account, and it stays for a while, so even if it’s been a while since you used it, be sure here. And don’t forget all the other essential security features you should set up on your phone before you lose it.

What is Android Device Manager? (And How it Can Track Your Phone)

One of the most useful applications created by Google in recent years is the Android Device Manager. So, what is the Android Device Manager? Android Device Manager or ADM, in short, is a way you can track your lost Android devices that includes your phone or tablet.

How does Android Device Manager Work 3

How does the Android Device Manager work? Google is able to track the location of your Android devices such as your phone and tablet via the Global Positioning System or GPS in short. The GPS transmitter in your smartphones or tablets will transmit its location to a constellation of 24 satellites that are circumventing our earth.

The location will then be shown on the Android Device Manager website in which it is only accessible to you via your Google account.

However, there is a pre-requisite condition for the Android Device Manager to work.

Pre-requisite for Android Device Manager 4

1. The phone or device is turned on
2. It is connected to the Internet via Data or Wi-Fi
3. The phone or device has already been signed on to your Google account
4. The Location Reporting is enabled

So, how you can use the Android Device Manager? Here are the steps:-

How to use Android Device Manager 5

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
You then need to log into your Google account. You can use your Gmail account to log in

How to use Android Device Manager 6

Step 3
If you have already logged into your Google account on your Android devices, it will automatically detect which phone or devices that are connected. You can then choose either “Ring”, “Lock” or “Erase” your Android device.

You can ring your device if you feel that your device location is nearby

You can lock it if your device is lost

You can erase the data on your device if you think that someone has stolen your device

So, there you have it. A simple explanation of what is Android Device Manager and how you can use it if you have lost your Android-based smartphone or tablet. Please leave us a comment on what do you think of the Android Device Manager. Please check also our previous article on the top 3 ways how you can track your phone using Google.

Tracking your phone have been made easy nowadays. This is due to the apps that can utilize the GPS function in your phone as well as the hardware of your phone itself. You can use your phone as a tracking device for yourself or for others to track and find you. The accuracy of the location tracking has also improved nowadays. However, not many people are aware of this amazing function that is embedded in some of the software that we used on a daily basis. So, here are the five effective ways how you can track your friend’s phone.


One of the easiest ways to track your phone is by using Google itself. There are many ways how you can use Google. If you are using Android or your friend’s phone is an Android-based phone, you can use the Android Device Manager to help you track the phone’s location. You can visit the Android Device Manager website here. You can also use Google Maps and Google account to track the location of your friends and families. Read more here on how you can track your phone using Google.


Waze is a popular app that people use to get to where they want to be. However, Waze also has the function of adding your friends. Whenever your friends are using Waze, it will automatically tell you where they are, and their location is shown on a map. You can also share your location with them as well. The good thing about Waze, it will track you or your friend on real time. You can also even chat with your friend using Waze. Here are six simple steps on how you can track your friend’s location using Waze.

track friends with Waze 1

Step 1
If you have not yet installed Waze, you can download it from Google Play or Apple store. Once installed, open the App

Step 2
The first menu would be the real-time map menu where you will be shown your location. Swipe left to enter the Waze menu

track friends with Waze

Step 3
In the menu, tap the icon at the centre here.

Step 4
Your friends that are currently using Waze will appear online here.

track friends with waze 3

Step 5
Tap on your friends that are online.

Step 6
If you plan to meet your friend. Tap at the “Send ETA” so that they will know where you are and when you will arrive at their place


WhatsApp is probably one of the best instant messaging application available in the market. It is used by most people as a way to send and receive messages to your friends and families. You can also send files and video using WhatsApp to your friends. Read here more if you want to know what other things you can do with WhatsApp. However, you can also use WhatsApp to send your location to your friends or vice-versa. Read here on some the top tips in using WhatsApp. Here are five simple steps how you can track the location of your friends using WhatsApp.

Track using Whatsapp 1

Step 1
Install WhatsApp from the Google Play or Apple Store if you do not have the WhatsApp application yet. Open your WhatsApp and open a conversation box with the friend you want to share the location.

Step 2
Tap the icon + here

Step 3
Tap the location here

Track using Whatsapp 2

Step 4
Tap here to send your location. It will also show your location on the map

Step 5
Your location will then be shared with your friend. Your friend can then use the geo-data that you shared to track and find you.


Probably much not aware of this but iPhone iOS comes pre-installed with an app called “Find Friends”. It uses the same technology as the Find iPhone apps where it tracks your iPhone’s location based on your phone’s GPS. Read here more if you want to know how to track your lost iPhone. Using the “Find Friend’s” app, you can find your friend in real-time. The app is also very easy to use. Here are the steps you can use to track the location of your friends using your iPhone.

Track using Find Friends

Step 1
Open your iPhone and tap on the “Find Friends” app.

Step 2

Your friend’s location will be shown on a map. However, this only valid with your friends that have an iPhone. They also need to permit their location can be discovered by you. You can also share your location to your friend by sending your location using this app


If you are a Facebook messenger, you probably have noticed some of the notification where your friends are nearby. Or Facebook can also notify where your friend is attending an event near you. This is because Facebook is utilizing the GPS in your phone to sync with your Facebook account. Facebook Messenger also utilizes the same technology so that you can share your location with your friends. Here are the steps on how you can share your location using Facebook Messenger.

track using facebook messenger 1

Step 1
Before you can share location, you need to enable your location service. Go to your iPhone’s settings and choose the Privacy option

Step 2
In the Privacy settings, find Messenger and tap on it

Step 3
You will be given three choices. It will on “Never” as default. Enable “While Using the App” or “Always” to enable the Location Services

track with facebook messenger 2

Step 4
Open the conversation chat box with the friend you want to share the location with. Tap “+” below

Step 5
A pop-up will show up. Tap the “Location” here

Step 6
Tap “Send” to share your location
Your friends can now see your location. You can also enable the location for a certain time until it expires (Max 1 hour)

So, there you have it. The top 5 effective ways on how you can track your friends using different apps available in the market. Be sure to check our previous article on what to do if you lost your phone. Please leave a comment on whether you have tried some of the apps here to help track your friends. Protection Status