How to flash/unbrick coolpad y80D

Here is a tutorial which will be helping you
in the procedure to unbrick your Coolpad
Y80D. So if you are looking to do the same,
this post will be surely of help to you.
What is a Bricked Device?
The term brick is used unconventionally these
days, without actually knowing what it
actually is, and let us have a look that what it
really means. An android device is said to be
bricked, if it does not start up. Now if you’re
device is not charged up, and it doesn’t start,
please don’t make a mockery of yourself and
call it bricked. Bricking is when the device
does not start up, may boot into recovery
mode, and the fastboot or the download
mode. Now the type of brick can be classified
into two broad categories, which are soft
bricked, and hard bricked.
Soft Brick:
A Device is said to be soft bricked when it
doesn’t start up, but it can still boot into
recovery mode, and the fastboot mode or the
download mode. So if that is the case with
your Coolpad Y80D, then it is soft bricked.
Mostly in all the cases, when things go wrong,
a device can become soft bricked, and you
can easily come out of it, and treat all by
yourself, with just a little bit of assistance
which this post will help you out with.
Hard Brick:
On the other hand, hard bricked it termed to
the state when the device doesn’t boot up in
the interface, nor any of the recovery or the
download or the fastboot mode. It becomes
completely extinct, and doesn’t respond to
anything. Now this rarely happens, unless you
mess up badly. Even if you do things horribly
wrong, the recovery mode can go away, but
still the fastboot mode or the download mode
is there for the backup, which you can use too
recover. This happens very very rarely, when
even the fastboot mode can’t be accessed of
the phone, as it is the last resort. And if you
have a hard bricked phone, i.e., none of the
modes are working, then it falls into the
category hard bricked. So if your Coolpad
Y80D is hard bricked, you can really do
anything about it, and the last resort in this
case would be to take it too your nearest
service center, and get their assistance. But if
your device is soft bricked, this post can help
you surely, which is the case maximum
number of times.
My Coolpad Y80D is Soft Bricked, Now What?
Now first let us look at all the cases in which
the device can be classified as a soft brick.
Now below are the possibilities which might
occur in case your device is soft brick.

1. Doesn’t Boot into Interface.
2. Stuck at Logo
3. Keeps on Rebooting.
4. Only boots into recovery
5. Only Boots into fastboot mode or
6. download mode.
7. Freezes while booting up.

So if your case is one of the above, your
Coolpad Y80D qualifies to be called as a soft
brick. So let us see that how can we really fix
it and get it back to working as soon as
possible. The methods are differentiated in
two parts, one which is for the users who
have the recovery mode up and running, and
the second is for the users who don’t have a
recovery rom up and running.
If Coolpad Y80D can Boot into recovery Mode:
If your Coolpad Y80D is bricked, and can still
boot into the recovery mode, then you are to
follow the steps as follows.

*. Boot the device into the recovery mode.
*. Now Wipe Data/Factory reset
*. After that, ‘ Wipe Cache’

*. Go into Advanced Settings, and then ‘ Wipe
Dalvik Cache’.
*. After that reboot the phone.
*. If it still doesn’t boot up, then you can
flash the ROM once more, and it repeat
the process, and then it will boot up and
you will have your Coolpad Y80D working
and out of the soft brick.

If Coolpad Y80D does not Boot into Recovery

  • Now you need to download the Software
    for managing and flashing via a
  • It will be different for different brands,
    and will be provided by the company or
    the manufacturer itself.
  • Like for instance, it will be Odin for
    Samsung, HBoot for HTC etc, and you can
    use LiveSuit also for any device in
  • So download and run the LiveSuite on
    your computer.
  • Boot the phone into the download mode.
  • And then connect it, the software will
    guide you for further assistance, and flash
    the ROM image file or the Recovery image
    file for your Coolpad Y80D.
  • If you flash ed a ROM, the device will then
  • On the other hand, if you flashed the
    Recovery, then the ROM can be flashed
    from the Recovery Mode, again by
    following the Method 1.
    So this is how you unbrick Coolpad Y80D. This
    was a short tutorial, and a brief one, to get
    you an idea that how you can really unbrick
    your device, and give it a new life. You can
    ask us any queries and doubts you have
    regarding the tutorial, and we will be happy
    to help. Protection Status