How to flash Android MTK phone with sp flash tool

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to flash stock rom to a Mediatek device using Smart Phone Flash tool. SP Flash tool is one application you could find very useful in fixing extreme cases of a bricked MTK Android (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Opsson, Innjoo etc) like the phone not coming on at all or not booting into recovery mode etc. This tool will only work on Mediatek (MTK) devices.


  • A PC
  • USB Cord
  • Manually install Mediatek VCOM drivers on the PC
  • The phone you wish to flash the files to
  • Scatter file + files to be flashed (You can download the stock rom or firmware for your phone )
  • Download a recent version of SP Flash Tool

If you get any error in SP Flash tool before or during flashing then we have a comprehensive list of SP Flash Tool errors to help you resolve the error message


How to use SP Flash Tool


Follow the steps below to learn how to flash stock rom using Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool)

See the video tutorial below or @

  1. Remove the battery from the phone and slot it back in without booting the phone (If the battery is inbuilt then simply switch if off)
  2. Launch SP Flash Tool as Administrator[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-1.jpg]
  3. Click on Scatter-loading by the right[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-2.jpg]
  4. In the window that pops up, select the scatter file for your phone model then click Open (scatter file is a text file with the word “scatter” in its name )[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-3.jpg]
  5. A list with ticked boxes should appear in SP flash tool (preloader, boot, recovery etc)[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-4.jpg]
  6. This particular step is ONLY for when you wish to format the phone. Skip this step if you don’t wish to format or you’re not 100% sure about formatting
    Warning! Do Not format unless you have the stock ROM for your exact phone model.
    * Click Format at the top
    * After clicking Format, a dialogue box will pop up, ensure that ‘Auto Format Flash’ and ‘Format whole flash without Bootloader’ are selected
    * Click OK, Stop should now be red or green in color
    * Connect the switched off phone (with battery inside) to the PC via USB cord
    * A progress bar should load till you get a ‘Success’ message (green circle with OK)
    * Disconnect the phone from PC
  7. Untick the box in front of any item you do not wish to flash[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-5.jpg]
  8. To manually load an item that doesn’t automatically get ticked after loading the scatter file, tick the box in front of that item then double-click its Location and select the corresponding file in the window that pops up
  9. Once the file(s) you wish to flash is (are) ticked, click Download (with an arrow above it)[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-5.jpg]
  10. Stop should now be prominent while other options should be grayed out
  11. Connect the switched off phone (with battery inside) to the PC via USB cord without holding any button
  12. A progress bar should start running[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-6.jpg]
  13. Wait till you get a Success message (green circle with OK), do not interrupt before then[Image: how-to-use-sp-flash-tool-7.jpg]
  14. Disconnect the phone, remove the battery for 15 seconds (if removable), slot it back in then power up the phone
  15. Ensure to do a factory reset in recovery mode to clear any errors

Important Notice

  • If you accidentally interrupted flashing and the phone went dead, follow this guide to revive the phone
  • SP Flash tool requires a scatter file but not an internet connection. Scatter files are usually named something like MTxxxx_Android_scatter and are basically maps which contain addresses to which each file in your firmware should be flashed to.
  • Do not mistake scatter file for firmware / stock rom / flash file. A firmware contains several files, scatter file is just one of them so do not format when you have only  a scatter file
  • Depending on  the option you select in SP flash tool, you can flash with the battery inside the phone or removed (if removable). The default flash setting is with battery inside
  • SP flash tool is for flashing only scatter format firmware. It will not flash an OTA (even though that contains a scatter file) or a custom rom in flashable zip format.
  • Using a Miracle Box scatter file in SP flash tool might give an error. If your scatter file is from Miracle Box then use Miracle Box to flash. Scatter files made from other tools like Infinity Chinese Miracle 2, Wwr_MTK and NCK Pro box work fine in SP flash tool
  • If you can, backup your firmware before flashing with SP flash tool. While trying to flash an incompatible firmware should give you an error, you might be unlucky enough to successfully flash the firmware for the wrong variant, resulting in a bricked phone
  • Once SP flash tool has detected your device, avoid disconnecting till the task is complete as this might cause the phone to go dead
  • Avoid using a random scatter file (even though its for your chipset) in Sp flash tool. Just because a scatter file is for your chipset doesn’t mean it contains the same partition info. Force-flashing with a wrong scatter file could result in an overlap error or corrupted partition table.
  • SP flash tool was created by MediaTek Inc. so credits to them for the tool Protection Status