How to Download First touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18) APK & Data Files Free

First Touch Soccer 2018 (fts 18) is an upgrade to fts 17 and the last instalment. If you are searching for First Touch Soccer 2018 apk files – Download FTS 18 apk here.

You can download First Touch Soccer 2018 (fts 18) from this article. This article will guide you on how to download First Touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18) and Install it on your android phone. I have also included installation manuals on how to play them and how to make necessary changes to the game

The new fts 18 (fts 2018) came for Android with a fairly compressed size of 330 MB, which is quite small compared to its counterparts FIFA and PES.

The game has great and incredible graphics that are updated by fts 2017.

Earlier versions of the game were great, but FTS 2018 surpasses them in features, graphics and gameplay (I’m not boasting, Just read on).

Fts 18 is very addictive and fun. Android users can easily play their favourite soccer game without interruptions.

The game can be enjoyed in the same way as PES and FIFA.

FTS 18 can play offline and has thus a big advantage over the FIFA 18 for mobile devices. All you need to do is download, install and play.

REQUIREMENTS OF First Touch Soccer 2018 FTS 18


Android: v4.0 and above; {Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat}

RAM Size: Minimum of 1GB RAM (required for a smooth game experience)

Storage Size: At least 400MB free space on your mobile device and you are good to go.

Tools required

File Explorer for Android (Winrar, 7zip and any file decompressor for Android.)

Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini) to download.


1. New songs added: FTS 18 now includes new playlists with titles that you can listen to during the game.

2. Updated jerseys: The game comes with the latest jerseys for football teams. If you have been waiting for updated team colours, the wait is over.

3. Player updated: New players were added with improved ratings to the game. You can now use players like Rashford, Ascensio, Mbappe and other great teenagers.

4. The new stadium and better graphics: The previous stadiums have been updated and new stadiums have been added. The older stadiums now have better graphics than before.

5. Quick gameplay mode: FTS 17 had a fast gameplay, but 2018 has a much faster playing experience. AI was improved with faster tackles and high-speed dribbles. FTS 18 is very realistic.

6. Manager Mode: The manager mode we had in fts 17 was maintained in fts 18. Sign game credits, preview tactics, control the team on the field and customize the team colours.

How to install FIRST TOUCH FOOTBALL 2018 (FTS 18 apk) MOD and DATA FILES.

Here is the real deal!

The same way we installed FTS 17 is the same way we gonna install FTS 18.

Follow the instructions below:

To maintain a clean installation of FTS 18, you must uninstall all previous fts games you had.

Then go on and download FTS 18 APK Mod via this link.

Then download FTS 2018 OBB data using this link.

You must download the zip file from fts 18 and extract it from the folder by using the previously installed decompressor.

After downloading, move the APK to your memory card that is microSD.

Copy the obb folder and go to your Android/obb folder.

Now locate the APK file that is stored and installed on your memory card.

After installation, navigate to your Android application menu, run it, and enjoy it.

How can I change the game language

If you do not like the standard language, you can change it in this way.

Start the game and click the icon with the gear/tool character. After opening the new window, click Game Settings, and then click Advanced Settings. Languages are displayed and you can from there switch to your preferred language.

IMPROVES Features OF FTS 2018

  • The gameplay is fast.

  • The game requires less memory.

  • Has interesting game scenes.

  • The background parts are melodic.

  • The game is getting better every year.


The game, unlike FIFA and PES, does not have the full privilege to play the multiplayer mode.

Not to forget;

Some players do not even have the similarity or similarity of their human selves.

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