How to change Fonts on Windows 10

This is the best way in which you can easily change your PC font.

Font change had always been tricky. Every time a font was installed on any system, it used to be a system-wide change, it always required admin privilege. So any regular user who wants to change fonts on his PC couldn’t do it, and the same applies to shared school or work PC. However, this has changed starting with Windows 10 v1809. You can now install, and change fonts in Windows 10 without the need for administrative privileges.

Install & change fonts only for yourself in Windows 10

Previously, whenever you right click on any font and tried to install the font, you would be presented with a UAC dialog box. This, when approved by the admin, resulted in a change. We know that you can install Fonts from Microsoft Store, which doesn’t need any admin permission.  This feature has been extended for any third party font installation, and you can choose to install the font just for yourself.

Right-click on a font file in File Explorer. You will have two options. First is “Install for all users“, and with admin permission, you can install it for all the users. Second would be a simply Install. It will install the font for that user only.

Install font from File explorer

In scenarios, where the font comes within a compressed folder, there will no context-menu- i.e. right-click options available. However, when you double-click on the font file within the compressed folder it opens in the font previewer. The preview will have an “Install” button.

How to install & change Fonts only for yourself in Windows 10

What is different about this Install button is that there is no security badge here. In the previous version, this was the same as the contextual button and needed admin permission to install it. And yes, that was system-wide install. Now with the security badge gone, you can install it, and the font will be installed just for your account.

If this is sound new for you, its because most of the Windows 10 PCs are single user machines.

This is indeed a good news for third-party font developers, especially paid fonts. Now any user will be able to install it just for himself, and will not need any assistance. Protection Status