How To Change Android IMEI w

Quick way to change your Android IMEI with MAUI META

MAUI META is a professional tool capable of fixing android imei within short period of time, its a common tool for software mobile device repairer and engineer, its a day to day tools. Follow the INSTRUCTION below to fix your phone IMEI.

Video is available, drop down to see.





  1. Unzip Maui META, install it on the PC then run as Administrator. It should be installed to Program files or Program files (x86) folder depending on your PC’s architecture.[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-1.jpg]
  2. Wait till the Maui META dashboard appears with a red circle. Under Connection Type, select the option which best describes your device[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-2.jpg]
  3. Click Reconnect at the top-right corner. The color of the circle should start changing between red and green. Switch off the phone (still with battery inside) and connect it to the PC without holding any button on the phone.[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-3.jpg]
  4. The phone should boot up then get stuck at boot animation. Not to worry,its in META mode. The circle should now be yellow in color, indicating that the phone has been successfully detected[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-4.jpg]
  5. In the Get version box, click Get target version to confirm that the phone has been detected. The phone’s details should appear[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-5.jpg]
  6. You can now minimize the Get version box[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-6.jpg]
  7. Click on the dropdown at the top left corner and select IMEI download[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-7.jpg]
  8. The IMEI Download box should pop up. Click on Change NVRAM Database File[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-8.jpg]
  9. In the window that pops up, navigate to the location of the BPLGUInfo file (often named like BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT65**…), select it then click Open[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-9.jpg]
  10. You should see the path to the DB file under NVRAM Database File. Click SIM_1 or SIM_2 depending on which you wish to write IMEI to. Now, enter the first 14 digits of the IMEI you wish to write. The digit entered in the CheckSum box will be the 15th digit of the IMEI. Once done, click Download To Flash (If IMEI keeps disappearing after factory reset then try clicking Upload From Flash instead)[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-10.jpg]
  11. Once the IMEI has been successfully written to the selected SIM slot on the phone, you should see a message at the bottom saying Download IMEI to flash successfully[Image: how-to-use-MAUI-Meta-11.jpg]
  12. Switch off the phone either by taking out then reinserting the battery or holding the power button till it goes off. Once off, boot up the phone and dial *#06# to confirm that the IMEI was successfully written to the phone



Important Notice

  • You can also use Maui Meta to write Serial Number back to your device by selecting the Barcode option. The Bardcode is 63 to 64 characters long. The First 23 characters are the Product Number followed by the Serial Number then other characters.
  • To write a Serial Number of 0123456789ABCDEF for example,
  • We’ll assume that product number is 11223344556677889900XYZ . Bardcode of 63 characters would then be
  • 11223344556677889900XYZ0123456789ABCDEF************************
  • Some devices use MDDB instead of BLPGU so don’t panic if you don’t find the latter
  • This tool doesn’t generate the IMEI or Serial Number for you, it merely writes what you provide
  • This tutorial only explains how to write IMEI & Serial Number. You are entirely responsible for what addresses you write
  • You should only use DB files extracted from your phone model (and sometimes from a firmware for your phone’s exact Build Number). Using a DB file for another phone model might give errors Protection Status