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How iOS 14.2.1 Upgrade Impacts your iPhone

Ios 14.2.1
Ios 14.2.1

iOS 14.2 is good but maybe not good enough. In the month of November 2020, there have several issues necessitating an upgrade of the iOS 14.2. Now, Apple has released the all-new iOS 14.2.1 to make things better in iPhone. Probably, most users have gotten the prompt to upgrade their phones. Those who haven’t seen such a notification will see it soon.

iOS 14.2.1 brings very minor changes to your iPhone. Since early November, there were bugs to be fixed, making some Apple fans to waiver in their faith in the tech giant. If you have the latest iPhone operating system on your iPhone, please remember that it comes without new features. Rather, attention is put on fixing bugs on the device.

The new update primarily fixes an issue on the iPhone 12 mini. For those who have this phone, there are no more concerns that the lock screen would become unresponsive as it was for weeks. Maybe the same issue didn’t arise on other phones, but Apple took it upon itself to solve this issue in iPhone 12 mini.

Iphone 12 Mini
Iphone 12 Mini

The other bug was an issue with MMS messages not dropping on recipients’ phones. That wasn’t happening on all devices though, but it is now fixed. Some users may not have noticed this bug. However, the good thing is that it has been fixed before millions of users come to know about it.

Sound quality is now better in the latest upgrade. Users found that there were issues with sound when connected hearing devices didn’t produce quality audio in some devices. Even though this upgrade doesn’t seem to offer much, it is worth downloading so that your iPhone is up to date and security compliant.

Do you want to download iOS 14.2.1 now? If the phone you have right now is iOS 14 it is easy to do so. Apple reports that the latest operating system is available from iPhone 6S. If you have any device from that edition to date, downloading the latest software shouldn’t be hard.

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