Drink tea to aid creativity

Are you in desperate need of some creativity? Well a simple cup of tea could be the answer, new research claims.Scientists from Peking University’s School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences found that within minutes of drinking a hot cuppa, an instant burst of brainpower is sparked.To come to their conclusion, the team recruited nearly 50 students, with half of the group given tea to drink and the other a glass of water.
After, all the participants had to undertake two tasks.
The first saw them asked to make an “attractive and creative” design out of building blocks and the second they were tasked with coming up with a “cool” name for a new noodle restaurant.A separate group of non-participating students judged the tasks, with researchers marking the results on a scale.The tea drinkers scored 6.54 points for the building task, with the water group managing 6.03, while for the name test, tea drinkers scored 4.11 against 3.78.The study has been published in journal Food Quality and Preference, where researchers commented that the results added further proof to evidence that tea affects creativity.
“This work contributes to understanding the function of tea on creativity and offers a new way to investigate the relationship between food and beverage consumption and the improvement of human cognition,” the said.
“Two biological ingredients, caffeine and theanine, have beneficial effects on attention, which is an indispensable part of cognitive function.”But the amount of tea ingredients our participants absorbed was relatively small.
Also, theanine facilitates long-term sustained attentional processing rather than short-term moment-to-moment attentional processing.”

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