Download XTC 2 Clip Tool v1.38 100% Free Tested

XTC 2 Clip tool software latest version v1.38 full setup installer file free download for windows. It is a small tool which is used to servicing HTC phones. It is used to flash several HTC phones. You can perform Device unlock, Imei repair and other functions on HTC devices through XTC 2 Clip Tool.

This amazing tool is developed and uploaded by xtc2clip.

In order to use its functions, connect it to SD card port of your HTC device.

  • Added full support for Desire 628 dual SIM (V35BML)
  • – Added full support for One M9 Prime Camera (HIMA_ULTRA_ML)
  • – Added A9 Euro to A9 Sprint conversion option
  • – Added security flag status indication
  • – Added additional A9 conversion check
  • – Improved MTK SIM-unlock algo
  • – Improved bootloader unlock procedure
  • – Improved FRP removal procedure
  • – Added alternative FRP removal text
  • – Added additional error codes for support team, to quickly resolve problems
  • – Bug fixes and improvements

Supported Models:

New age



Butterfly 2

Desire 200

Desire 300

Desire 400 DualSim

Desire 500 dualsim

Desire 510

Desire 526G+ dualsim

Desire 600 dualsim

Desire 601 Dualsim

Desire 601 singlesim

Desire 610 singlesim

Desire 620 Dual

Desire 700 Dual

Desire 816 dual sim

Desire 816 SingleSim

Desire 816G

Desire 820

Desire 820 Dual sim 820u

Desire 820 mini

Desire 820s

Desire 826w

Desire C

Desire Eye

Desire SV

Desire U dualsim

Desire V

Desire X

Droid Verizon

E8 SingleSim Sprint

Nexus 9


One E8 dual

One E8 M8Sx Red

One J (KDDI Japan)

One M7

One M8 DualSim

One M8 SingleSim

One Max

One Mini

One Mini 2

One Remix Verizon

One S

One SV

One V

One X

One XL

Rider 4G

Sensation (Pyramid)

Sensation XL (X315e)




vivo pvt







ace pvt

pico pvt

pyramid pvt

pyramid pg58130

pyramid pg58100

rider Its new updated version full setup is avail to download for free from the link provided below. If you want to download the latest version of HTC 2 Clip tool, then simply follow the link given below.

Download XTC 2 Clip Tool Latest Version Protection Status