Download this Apps to Successfully Hack MTN Recharge Card

Do you want to hack MTN Recharge card server,  here is the simple Apps to do that.  Fast simple but dynamic.

You are out of Airtime, then use this simple apps to Hack Mtn and generate new MTN Recharge Pin.

How to use

Download UrimU claw V1 for linux and UrimU claw 1.7 for ApK

For Linux OS

  • Run the apps with terminal
  • Connect your PC with MTN 0.00 data sim
  • Choose MTN as the preference network
  • Check the IPT radio box
  • Click on register.
  • Wait for 3 minute
  • Automatically it will display a binarry number.
  • Just copy the number and convert it to decimal number.
  • The new number is your New mtn Airtime pin.


Follow the same procedure for linux

To download this software kindly contact our administrative. Protection Status