Confirmed: A second-generation Razr foldable is coming this year

Moto Razr foldable half folded moto logo on table

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

The Motorola Razr attracted a ton of attention after it was first unveiled, but the product saw plenty of mixed reviews owing to its build quality and price tag.

Now, it looks like a Lenovo executive may have just outed the existence of a second-generation Razr foldable, and it’s expected to arrive later this year.

“There’s a new iteration [of the Razr – ed] coming up. There’s one in September I think, coming up,” Lenovo South Africa general manager Thibault Dousson told the Reframed Tech podcast (disclosure: the writer is a friend of the podcast host). The mention comes at the 18 minute mark while discussing the critical reception of the original Razr foldable.

The Lenovo executive references the “generation two” foldable phone again at the 42 minute mark.

This would make for quite a short turnaround compared to the current Motorola Razr foldable, which first went on sale in February. However, Motorola’s phone was originally unveiled in November and was repeatedly delayed to the February date.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of improvements we have in mind for a second-generation Razr. From improved screen durability and a more competitive price to better core specs and longer battery life, there’s no shortage of areas in need of tweaking.

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