Best way on How to change Windows Boot Logo / image

Best way on How to change Windows Boot Logo / image


are you a developer or you are a tech lover?,  you wanna change your PC boot logo?

You are welcome to the right place.

Whenever you turn on your laptop, you might have noticed the manufacturer’s logo or the blue Windows logo. Did you ever want to change this logo to something more customized? Custom boot logos look good and add a personal touch to your computer. In this post, we’ve talked about a Windows Boot logo changer software called HackBGRT that lets you change boot logo on UEFI based Windows systems. HackBGRT is a little complex to use, but we’ve tried best to explain all the points in this post.

What is a UEFI system

In a nutshell, UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is an evolvement over BIOS (Basic Input Output System), and it acts as a software interface between the operating system and platform firmware. Since HackBGRT only supports UEFI systems, you need first to find out if your computer is using UEFI or BIOS.

Caution: Making changes to bootloader is a little risky, and it could make the system unbootable. Make sure you have a proper Windows Recovery Media if anything goes wrong. Although the program provides an alternative to fix things but still it is good to have your own recovery media.

Change Boot Logo in Windows 10

HackBGRT is a free Windows boot logo changer software for UEFI systems that lets you change the default boot logo of your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

Once you have downloaded the program open the setup.exe file and now you can follow the on-screen instructions for changing the boot logo. Before doing anything, disabling Secure Boot is a must. If you have it enabled, the program will prompt you, and you should disable it. Check your laptop’s manufacturer’s website for details on how to disable secure boot.

Once Secure Boot has been disabled, opensetup.exe again. Now hit I to begin the installation. The program will now open a Notepad window with a configuration. In this configuration file, you need to specify the path to the image that you want to display and other parameters such as positioning, etc. You can also specify multiple images which will be picked up randomly with the specified weight.

change boot logo

After you have saved the configuration file, a Paint window will open with the default splash image. Here you can draw your image or copy from another source and paste it here. Now make sure you save all the images in 24 Bit BMP format from Microsoft Paint.

After the images are saved, the program will make all the changes, and you can reboot your computer to see those changes in place.

How to reverse changes made

Did something wrong? Nothing to worry about, you can start setup.exe, hit I and repeat the steps to change the boot logo. Or if you want to completely remove the custom logo and replace it back with the original logo, hit D instead of I on theCMD window opened by setup.exe.

If anything goes wrong and you are not able to boot into your system which is very unlikely, use the recovery media to recover your computer. Or you can use the backup of bootloader that was created by HackBGRT to recover the bootloader.

For doing so, you can copy [EFI System Partition]\EFI\HackBGRT\bootmgfw-original.efi into [EFI System Partition]\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi by some other means such as Linux or Windows command prompt.

HackBGRT Windows Boot logo changer software download

HackBGRT is a cool piece of code that lets you add a bit of personalization to your computer. You can easily amaze your friends and colleagues by putting the logo of your favorite superhero as your boot logo. The source as well as executables are available on GitHub and are easily accessible. Use it knowing the fact that there could be a possibility that things could go wrong. Protection Status