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Best Tips to Enable YouTube Night Mode on PC, Android, iOS

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YouTube is the means by which many of us watch movies or entertaining videos every day. Because of technological advancements, this and many things are possible, not in the way it used to be when everyone was watching shows, movies, and comedy series on TV with the same setting. Nowadays, people who watch movies on YouTube can adjust the interface to suit them.

With the introduction of various streaming platforms, things have changed. Apart from being able to sit or stand or sit in any location and enjoy entertainment shows us just how the world has changed.

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Youtube Dark Mode
Youtube Dark Mode

What is YouTube night mode?

It was introduced in July 2018 and was popularly known as a dark mode. It was first tested on the Android version of YouTube. It was successful, and YouTube pushed it to iOS and PC versions. YouTube night mode will make the interface or the screen on which you watch movies dark. People love it for its ability to be easy on their eyes. Also, it works better than the standard interface when the lighting around is gloomy. Instead of having a shiny light strain your eyes in the dark, you could turn to the night mode to enjoy your entertainment for a longer period.

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Night mode is now very popular among online users. Most public computers have it because someone may have turned it on and other people simply prefer to keep things that way. So, if the night mode appears to suit or enhance the user experience of visitors and active users, it makes sense for us to explore it.

Advantages of turning night mode on

  1. It increases your concentration on what you are watching
  2. If you’re sensitive to light, this is the better choice
  • It increases battery life
  1. The user interface is beautiful

Disadvantages of turning night mode on

  1. People with some sort of eye defect may find it uncomfortable
  2. It may not look cool if you’re in very bright light

Here below, you will find tips on how you can activate night mode while you enjoy watching videos on YouTube. Note that the options below cater to how you can do it on PC, Android phones, and Apple iPhones.

  1. How to switch on night mode on PC

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You can do this on all kinds of computers. It doesn’t matter what the make or the type of Windows edition on the laptop. Following the simple steps outlined below can help.

  • Launch a YouTube website from your browser. It doesn’t matter whether that browser is Chrome or Explorer. Sign in to your account.

Youtube Dark Theme Desktop Guest
Youtube Dark Theme Desktop Guest

  • Click on your profile icon to the top far right of the screen.
  • Scroll down to where you see “Appearance: Device Theme”
  • Click on it and tap on “Dark Theme” to enable night mode.

With that, you’re done! Note that you can follow the same step if you want to revert. There are just two themes available; Dark and Light.

  1. How to enable night mode on Android

The methods used to change the background color of YouTube is a bit different from what you just did for PC, yet it is simple. But on the other hand, the process for Android is not exactly the same for iOS. So, take note of this.

For Android…

  • Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone
  • I presume you’re already signed in, so click on your profile picture. Here is this image below, the red arrow points to the profile icon.

Whatsapp Image 2020 12 18 At 7.01.18 Pm
Start by clicking your profile icon

  • Next, look for the settings. You can find it before “Help and feedback.
  • Android 2Next, click on the word “general”

Dark Mode Android
Dark Mode Android

  • Next, click on the word “appearance”


  • Next, choose “Dark theme”

That’s how it goes. Enjoy your dark theme on Android.

  1. How to enable dark mode on iOS (Apple devices)

Things get more complicated in the iOS settings, so if you must enable the dark mode on your iPhone, be careful that you don’t miss a step. Now, in this case, what you see below may not work for all iOS devices. Let’s just hope it works for yours.

Here’s how it goes…

  • Open to the YouTube app on your phone. You must be already logged in to perform the following steps. If you don’t have an account, just sign up now for free.
  • Click on your profile picture. You can also find this to your right at the top of the screen.

How To Use Dark Mode Iphone Ios 13
How To Use Dark Mode Iphone Ios 13

  • The dropdown menu must-have “Settings” in it. Click it.
  • Next, click on the “Appearance”.

Dark Mode Youtube For Ios
Dark Mode Youtube For Ios

  • You have to make one of two choices here. In iOS 13, you can enable the dark mode. The second method is to choose YouTube dark theme directly. The first is for iOS 13 devices. If yours is iOS 13, simply choose the dark theme by tapping on “Use Device Theme Dark and you’re good. If not, then choose the “Dark Theme” icon.

That’s it. You’re done.

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Why make use of night mode on YouTube?

We have already pointed out the advantages of making use of the dark theme mode on YouTube. If you scroll back up to where the points were presented you will see that the benefits are more than the disadvantages.

It really makes sense to use the dark theme at night because it is more pleasurable and friendly to the eyes. You will be able to watch videos for a long period without straining your eyes. Also, remember that that the dark theme makes use of less light, so it is beneficial to make your phone battery last longer.

Eyes Suffers From Conjunctival Stones Due To Playing Phone In The Dark
Eyes Suffer From Conjunctival Stones Due To Using Phone In The Dark


YouTube is a very beneficial tool that each one of us must-have. Why? Because we can entertain ourselves, learn a great deal from so many tutorials uploaded on that tube every day. Other video streaming sites have followed in the steps of YouTube and introduced dark themes for their users as well. It is one thing that also shows that YouTube is a big brother to any video streaming website found today.

The dark mode is just one feature that may seem minute but important for users worldwide. Probably, this is one reason why the network keeps getting bigger and better.

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