Best 5 download manager for Android phone

Best 5 download manager for Android: Download Whatever You Want at High Speed

Downloading larger files on a PC is quite fast, easy and convenient, as several third-party software and browser extensions are available on the Internet. But it seems not so easy when we try to download large files on our android devices. And we face some uncomfortable issues, like not being able to resume downloads in case of internet connection failure or the downloading speed is low. So if there is a download manager that can help us handle these problems, we will have the same experience with what we do with downloading on the computer.

1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager automatically captures the downloadable files and links from supported browsers or just long-tap on the downloadable link in your default browser. It supports browsers like Chrome, Dolphin, Stock Browser, Boat Browser. However, if you hate ads, you have to go for the Pro version with some fee.

Features of Advanced Download Manager:


  • Download up to 3 files at a time.
  • Accelerate download speed by multithreading.
  • Recognize links from the browser and clipboard.
  • Backup downloaded files on SD card.
  • Sound and vibration of completion notification.
  • Save files according to types in different folder.
  • Schedule files download in advance.
  • Site management.
  • Runs the downloads in background.
  • Support queuing, auto-retry, pause and resume.


Download Advanced Download Manager from Google Play Store>>

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2. download manager for Android

download manager for android is another free Android download manager. This app doesn’t provide unnecessary options in preference apart from the basic part and download folder. And the app boasts of 10 million downloads of this app. You can download almost all types of files with this download manager.

Features of download manager for android:


  • Three times faster download speed.
  • Download HTML 5 web pages and videos.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Webpage bookmark management.
  • Voice and speech quick search.
  • Download webpage history suggestion.
  • Download with active progress bar.
  • Support Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter search.
  • Social sharing of the download files.
  • Resume, cancel, and pause any download progress.


Download download manager for android from Google Play Store>>

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3. Loader Droid

Most of these download manager apps have similar features. It also has almost similar download capturing mechanism as ADM. Loader Droid is a file download manager tailor-made for the Android platform. It supports any type of downloads, like videos, images, music, and apps, etc.

Feature of Loader Droid:


  • Auto pause of internet connection failure.
  • Resume when internet connection recovered.
  • Download with WiFi, 2G or 3G.
  • Recognize links in the browser automatically.
  • It provides an option for setting the default connection profile for all your download as well as individual ones.
  • Increase download speed by parting the download files.
  • Schedule downloads like ADM.
  • Dark and Light theme for your preference.


Download Loader Droid from Google Play Store>>

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4. Turbo download manager

Turbo download manager boasts of downloading speed by up to 5x times faster. To use this app, you should long press the link in the browser and share link, then choose Turbo download manager to start downloading files. It is also called the internet download manager for android for multiple supported browsers.

Features of Turbo Download manager:


  • Unlimited file size supported.
  • Almost all popular web browsers supported like Dolphin and Firefox.
  • Cancel, queue, resume or pause any download progress.
  • 10 download progresses at the same time.
  • Background progress.
  • Sound notifications of download completion.
  • Download history.
  • Configure download directory settings.
  • Rename the files.


Download Turbo download manager from Google Play Store>>

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5. Easy Downloader Pro

When someone launch this app for the first time, it presents a nice and easy startup wizard, which shows you how to add downloads to this app and prompts you whether you want to download with Wi-Fi, 3G or any network. It comes with browser mode Dolphin, Firefox, etc.

Features of Easy Downloader Pro:


  • Multiple protocols supported so multiple files supported.
  • Download multiple files at the same time to speed up at least 50%.
  • Pause or resume downloads.
  • 10 download progresses at the same time.
  • Download files are placed in order.
  • Be able to manage files in SD card.
  • Progress bar and notifications.
  • Copy and paste links to download files.
  • Rename the files.


Download Easy Downloader Pro from Google Play Store>>

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