Argentina: Megatube VPN apk mod for free personal internet

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Download megatube vpn apk mod to have free internet at the Personal company in Argentina. This application has preconfigured servers in which we have to log in to connect and have free megas.

Below we will show how to configure and connect megatube vpn, it is a simple but careful process since it is necessary to know how to create accounts on servers for the app to work.

Download megatube vpn app

This apk is not available in the Play Store, that’s why to download it we have to go to mediafire from the link below. You must copy> paste and access the link to download the megatube vpn app :

  • Megatube vpn mod :
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NOTE: the application to be a modified version and not being in the Play Store, to install it we must enter the cell phone settings, then go to ” Security ” is here where we must activate the option ” Allow unknown sources .”

How to configure and connect megatube vpn apk

Summary of the video and settings

There are two steps that have to be done to finally have internet, the first is to create a new apn and the second is to configure and connect the apk . In the following paragraphs we will explain everything in detail:

Step 1: Create a modified APN for Personal Argentina

We must enter the cell phone settings, here we look for the option “Mobile networks”, here we must enter the section ” Names of access points ” or also as “APN”.

We create a new profile with the following parameters, it has to be all correctly, copy everything as is:

  • Name: ATR
  • APN:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • User name: internet
  • Password: internet
  • Type of APN: default

In the following image you can see how the modified APN profile of the Personal company in Argentina was created.

apn personal argentina megatube vpn apk mod

Step 2: Connect megatube vpn on Android for free internet

The steps that we are going to follow are simple and in the case that you have not seen the video, here we leave the instructions:

# 1- When opening the application we have to select a server as you can see in the following image. Then you have to click on the top options (three points).

download megatube vpn apk mod personal argentina

# 2- Here you have to select the first option ” Create account “. Here you can choose any of the options of 30 days or less. As seen in the image:

download megatube vpn apk free android

# 3- After creating the server account you have to copy the username and password.

install megatube vpn netfree personal ar

# 4- Finally, we have to paste the data previously copied and then click on the “Connect” button, as you can see in the previous image.

application megatube vpn mod 4g free

If this application does not work for you anymore, we are going to leave you more apps and methods that allow you to have free internet in Argentina, precisely in the Personal company. Protection Status