Apple iPhone Q2 2019 Shipment for EU at 6.4mln, Down 17% in Annual Growth

Apple iPhone Q2 2019 Shipments for EU register massive 17% drop in annual growth at 6.4 Million units as Samsung takes the helm, says Canalys. Potential for selling more new Apple iPhones if launched there and in other geographies.

While Samsung pocketed 40% of the European Union Smartphone Q2 2019 Sales, Apple stood third with 14.1% market share recording a steep 17% drop in its annual growth, according to Canalys Analytics.

For the quarter in consideration, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple took the 1-2-3 positions with Xiaomi and HMD Global (Nokia), completing the top five positions.

Apple Stands Third in EU Q2 2019 Smartphone Shipments

Samsung, with its smartphone sales numbering 18.3 million, was an unbeaten leader in the Q2 2019, as the rest in the pack could not muster even a double-digit in that category.

Europe Smartphone Shipments:

Canalys Smartphons Analysis Sell in Shipments August 2019

Apple and the markets it is operating in, should worry but then like every situation it faces, it comes out a winner, of course with some scratches.

Apple can not easily eclipse the blistering pace of Q2 2019 sales set by Samsung. It can bounce back and give Samsung its run for the money, provided it does its homework well.

In Europe to catch up with Huawei, Apple need not find much difficulty what with former selling over 2 million more smartphones. Though high, catching up with Huawei will extract a pound of flesh from Apple, and if we read the same correctly, the new iPhones can cast a spell of success for this Cupertino major.

Apple has the right product mix to address a wide range of customers and users with models possessing unique appeal and utility, of course, at a price. Another point to be noted is that Samsung and Huawei are fighting vociferously in the EU marketplace.

Here, Apple can gain a positive market share given its value for money feature-rich iPhones and the brand image that it carries among the customers, today.

While its brand magic may cast a spell, features and applications rich new Apple iPhones are expected to give a ‘leg-up’ in EU as well as other geographies, too.

Apple Tinkering in Backyard to Bring Features Rich and Functional iPhones for 2019/2020

So, extrapolating the features, we feel these winners can cut the flab and provide volumes besides the top and bottom line for Apple as you can read ahead.

Now, what have we coming out of Apple iPhone stable this September/October??

Frankly speaking market speculations have been confusing and confounding at the same time as the proverb goes. But, value-added features and functions that Apple designs and offers to its users are also going to get them volumes besides margins.

In the meanwhile, to recount some attractive features that may give an edge and much needed ‘figurative’ boost to new Apple 2019 iPhones in all geographies are as follows

Apple’s iPhone triple-lens square camera with dual Bluetooth audio

  • Qualcomm settlement with Apple will hasten Apple’s foray in bringing out 5G iPhones
  • Apple Pencil Support
  • Haptic Touch Technology replacing 3D Touch Sensor
  • Display: edge-to-edge OLED displays from BOE Technologies
  • Apple Trade In and Finance Program
  • New iPhone Models to have Touch ID and Face ID ensuring better security
  • iOS 13 and its operating system upgrade
  • TMSC chipsets A13 on iPhone SoCs (systems-on-chip) for 5nm leap
  • Ramping up of manufacturing in – India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam to jack up production
  • Added services – Apple Card, Streaming services
  • Opening of more Retail, Online Stores, and Loyalty Programs

Apple’s 2020 iPhones will have the following features:

  • Will have 5G Compatible models
  • To offer speed, AR/VR, and overall better experience to customers
  • Apple 2020 iPhone to have 120Hz touch-sensing power display
  • ToF (Time-of-Flight 3D sensing rear camera run on VCSEL technology)
  • Three OLED iPhones (5.42″, 6.06″ & 6.67″ sizes) in 2020
  • Smallest iPhone of 2020 will likely to flaunt Samsung or LG touchscreen technology
  • 5.42″ model with either Samsung Display’s Y-Octa or LG Display’s TOE touch technology

They say to get out of a rut; you need to hit the road and get going. Is Apple listening, and yes, we do hear a lot of tinkering in their backyard!

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