Android Phone Downloading problems

Many Android phone users find it difficult to download after a month of purchase.

Phones like Techno L9, L9+, W3, WX3, WX3pro, and some other MTK with android version 7.0 and 8.0 even in some android 6.0 and above. This download problem occurs in this format, I got this complain from Naira land “

L9+ Downloading Problem Please Help by tollulope080(m): 5:32pm On Dec 20
someone should please come to my rescue I bought my techno l9plus about 2months ago and the phone has bn great until I tried to download, the problem is Wen am downloading I can not minimise the browser to do something else the download automaticaly, futhermore the backlight or screen light must not turnoff Wen downloading the downloading stops pls enybody esperiencing such and how did the person resolve it it’s Rily frustrating Tnx in anticipation

”  and many of the Tecno users complain the same about this. But this is the solution and the cause.


This may occurs as a result of Bug error, most android version do have one bug or the other, no android version is perfect, you will only be jumping from one problem to others depending on your level of surfing your android device. This bug error may affect the com.downloader or any sector in the phone. It may even affect the messages and you will find it difficult to delete .


You can easily fix this problem by checking if there is OTA update on the phone ,

Or you should try and factory reset your device or return the phone back to the store you bought it from.

if the problem still persist please drop a message below while we help you to solve. Protection Status