9Mobile Give Out 30GB for Free To Users

Subscribers of 9mobile bomberd the 30GB data.

9Mobile is currently dashing out 30GB free data when you purchase an LTE /3G MiFi from 9Mobile experience centers or any store. This comes is a new promo, it was announced via mobile official social media page and it is available at any 9mobile experience center.

Announcing this, 9Mobile wrote;

You don’t need to do much, according to 9Mobile, simply just walk into any 9Mobile experience center nearest to you and buy a 3G/4G LTE MiFi. It is pretty simple, and your MiFi will be credited with 30GB free data after activation.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the price detail of the actual 9Mobile Mifi Modem which was tagged with the 30GB of free data, all we know is that 9Mobile have different Mifi Modems at their Experience Centers and the price ranges from N10,385 to N18,800 or more. The free data will be activated in-store at point of purchase, please visit their shop to confirm the other details.

If you are interested, rush now to any 9Mobile outlet nearest to you and get your LTE/3G MiFi plus huge internet data for free.

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