7 Refreshing Summer Drinks That Can Shrink Your Belly

With summer on our doorsteps, we’re already imagining spending all our free time on the beach with a cold refreshing beverage in our hand. However, if you’re on a diet, you know that you just can’t drink everything you want. In fact, beer and sodas are forbidden during a diet, but there are still many other drinks which are just as refreshing and pretty much healthier than a can of Cola.

Here are 7 refreshing summer drinks that will keep you in shape:

Unsweetened almond milk

If you’re on a diet, you should drink almond milk instead of dairy. It has only 30 calories per cup and is free of fat, lactose and sugar, which makes it perfect for your health.


No matter if you need to sweeten your lemonade, coffee or ice tea, stevia is a far better choice than sugar. The natural sweetener can boost the fat burning process in your body and comes from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant that is 200-300 times sweeter than refined sugar. Buy a small bottle of liquid stevia and use it in your drinks in order to reduce your weight without side-effects.


Apple cider vinegar is a great natural refreshing drink that will help your body burn fat. You can add a bit in a glass of water along some stevia and lemon juice and drink the beverage every morning to boost your digestion and metabolism as well.


A lemon has less than a gram of sugar, making it an ideal solution against weight gain. Add a lemon slice in your tea or cocktail in order to boost the burning of fat in your body.


Kefir is a fat-free drink and a great substitute for milk and yogurt. It contains a lot of protein, but is also rich in calories, so don’t consume too much of it. Fat-free versions of kefir are even richer in probiotics than regular yogurt, which makes it great for your digestion.

Watermelon juice

The watermelon juice is a great low-calorie juice with a refreshing taste that is perfect for the summer. Besides helping you lose weight, the juice will also prevent stroke, diabetes, heart attack and may also assist in the prevention of various types of cancer.


The citrus fruit won’t affect your weight loss process directly, but the antioxidants and vitamin C in it will stimulate your digestion and metabolism and help your body burn fat more efficiently. Add a few slices of kiwi in your shakes and smoothies in order to boost the fat-burning process.

Article and image source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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