Screen Mirroring Android to PC

Android screen mirroring has gone underrated for quite an extended period. It is because either not many people are aware of it or they just don’t want to deal with the hassle. Now, there are hundreds of screen mirroring apps through which you can display Android on your PC.

What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen Mirroring is a way through which you can remotely share/mirror one device screen to another, such as mirroring Android Screen on your PC or vice-versa. At present, we’ll be talking about screen mirroring on Android.

A phone screen on PC can help you in many ways. For instance, it removes that extra step of grabbing device for every new notification; If you are a developer, you can check app performance on the Android phone mockup; Sharing media files to PC also becomes very easy.

Here are a few ways on how to Share/Mirror Android screen on Your PC. There are a bunch of popular methods to tackle this, so we have listed out each one of it –

Prerequisite for screen mirroring

For screen mirroring apps to work, it is necessary that you turn on USB debugging which is located in the developer options of your Android device.

  • To enable Developer options on your Android Device –

How to turn on Developer Options

  1. Head over to your Android Settings ⇒ System ⇒ About Phone
  2. Scroll down and tap Build Number five times
  3. Go back to System settings
  4. You will now see Developer Options
  • To enable USB Debugging on your Android Device –

USb Debugging Prompt - Allow

  1. Head over to  Android Settings ⇒ System ⇒ Developer Options
  2. Scroll down and toggle USB debugging

Also, I would recommend you to tick “always allow” for the  “Allow USB Debugging” pop-up. Thus, you won’t have to repeatedly deal with the permission box.

How to mirror Android to your PC? — 5 Best Apps

1. Vysor 5

The quickest method to view Android screen on your PC is via Vysor. The mirror app is ridiculously easy to set-up. You can use apps, play games, take screenshots and much more.

The only drawback with Vyson is most of its necessary features comes with a price. From high resolution mirroring to share Android screen wirelessly, everything needs a subscription. Even the drag and drop is locked in the free version.

How to mirror Android screen via USB [Vysor] –

How to use Vysor in screen mirroring Android

  1. Download the Vysor mirroring software for Windows/ Mac/ Linux/Chrome
  2. Connect your device to PC via USB cable
  3. Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android
  4. Open Vysor Installer File on your PC
  5. The software will prompt a notification saying a “Vysor has detected a device”
  6. Now, tap on view to start casting your device on your PC screen.

Vysor Price

Vyser in-app purchases – $2.50/monthly, $10/yearly, or $40/lifetime.

2. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is another brilliant application that lets your mirror Android to PC and vice-versa. Apart from Android screen mirroring, the software even lets you take screenshots, record screen and control your Android device manually.

Upon subscribing for the ApowerMirror VIP account, you can mirror three Android devices at the same time. The paid membership also allows you to scribble and draw on the screen.

I think the best feature is the Game Keyboard where you can map keyboard shortcuts for smoother Android functionality. ApowerMirror has more features than you can digest, but setting it up can be a really tough task. Anyway, let’s get right to it –

How to mirror Android screen To PC via USB [ApowerMirror] –

How to mirror Android Screen to PC

  1. Download and Install ApowerMirror on your Windows and Android device.
  2. Enable USB Debugging in developer options
  3. Connect the device to PC via USB ( Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android)
  4. Open the app and tap “START NOW” on the permission to capture screen

How to mirror Android screen wirelessly [ApowerMirror] –

ApowerMirror - Screen mirroring Android Wirelessly

  1. Remove the USB cable
  2. Run the mirror app on the Android device
  3. Tap on the M button at the bottom of the app
  4. Select your Computer Name in the listing (Make sure PC version is up and running)
  5. Choose “Phone Screen Mirroring” (Go for other option if you want to mirror computer window on your device)
  6. Tap on “Start Now”

[ Note: Make sure you use the USB cable method first, instead of the wireless one. Doing otherwise will only stream your Android device on PC, i.e., just a window on your PC with no functionality.]

ApowerMirror Price

Lifetime subscription (Endless)- $69.95,
Yearly Subscription – $29.95
Unlimited Subscription for one year (All Apowersoft Products) – $59.95

3. AirDroid (Wireless)

AirDroid Share files from Android to PC wirelessly

AirDroid is literally perfect in every way. No wonder the whole Android community recommends it. Apart from screen mirroring for Android, the software also lets users share files.

The mirroring application also comes with a desktop client so that you never miss any call or message notification. File Transfer feature lets you share files between PC and Android. On the other hand, AirDroid web enables you to use your phone on the web.

In the pro account, you can remotely open the camera on your device. AirDroid screen mirroring app is quite different from other apps here. AirDroid has its own UI which include call logs, messages, pictures, files etc. This means you cannot play games, run apps or do things along those lines. However, the mirroring app lets you stream Android device to PC so that you can take screenshots and record the screen.

How to mirror Android wirelessly [AirDroid] –

  1. Download and install the app on Windows and your Android device
  2. Open Windows app and create an AirDroid account
  3. Add a device to your account via signing in the AirDroid app version

Now, you can access your Android device files, calls, messages. The floating bar will show any notifications that come up on your device. For receiving desktop notifications – Go to Android settings ⇒ Apps and Notifications ⇒  Special app access ⇒ Notification Acess ⇒Toggle AirDroid on.

How to Stream Android on PC [AirDroid] –

Hot to Steam Android on AIrDroid

  1. Open AirDroid on your PC
  2. Tap on AirMirror Tab
  3. Tap on ViewOnly Mode
  4. Head over to your Android device and tap “Start Now” on the pop-up.

How to mirror Android on Google Chrome [AirDroid] –

AirDroid Web Android Screen Mirroring

  1. Head over to the AirDroid Website on your browser
  2. Log in if have already made an account or simply scan the QR code through the app

AirDroid Price

Monthly – $1.99
Yearly – $19.99

4. Screen Stream Mirroring by MobZapp (Wireless)

As the name suggests, the Android screen mirroring app is predominantly used for streaming your Android device. However, this screen sharing app has an endless number of platforms support. Starting with media players like VLC, KODI, OBS to sharing screen over the web. The mirroring app even allows you to broadcast your Android screen to Twitch, Youtube,  Facebook, Ustream, etc.

With this software, you can also share the screen with UPnP / DLNA device like Smart TV. Not to mention, the app is Google Chromecast ready as well. The only issue with this app is free version has a time limit for each application run, and the Android application is crawling with ads.

If you are looking to cast your Android device on a PC or TV, this Android app is surely a must. However, if controlling Android via PC is the primary goal, this app shouldn’t be on your list.

How to mirror Android screen on your Web Browser [Screen Stream Mirroring] –

  1. Start the stream from your Android device
  2. Remember the URL prompted at the bottom
  3. Type the exact URL in your PC browser search bar
  4. Enjoy the stream

How to mirror Android screen wirelessly on PC [Screen Stream Mirroring] –

Screen Stream Mirroring Android -Mobzapp

  1. Download the Android app
  2. Allow “Start Stream Mirroring” pop-up on the screen
  3. Now Open VLC on PC ⇒ File menu ⇒ “Open Network Stream”
  4. Type the URL, given in the Android App,
  5. Click Play

Check out there official website FAQ to know more about how you can stream Android on different platforms.

Screen Stream Mirroring price

The paid version is available on Google Play Store for $4.99

5. Mobizen

Mobizen is very similar to Vysor screen mirroring app for Android; only it’s much better. The best thing about Mobizen is that the basic features are free to use. They include mirroring form a web browser like Chrome, controlling device via keyboard/mouse, transferring and viewing files on PC and so much more.

Apart from that, mirroring on Mobizen shows a sophisticated Android device render on the PC. You can set up screen transparency (ghost mode) and even add push notifications on a paid subscription.

You can use your Android device remotely through the Mobizen website. While everything with this app is close to perfect, there is a slight problem with it. In the wireless option, the app doesn’t let you control your Android device. But you can still record, draw, transfer files and do lots of stuff. Also, when it comes to overall casting speed and smoothness, Vysor overcomes Mobizen entirely.

How to mirror Android screen via USB [Mobizen] –

Mobizen Screen mirroring Android

  1. Download and install Mobizen mirroring app on your PCand Android Device.
  2. Turn on USB Debugging on developer options
  3. Open the Android app and sign in.
  4. Launch the mirroring software on windows and choose between USB / Wireless and log in
  5. Tap on “Start now” in the pop-up to initialize the remote connection

How to Mirror Android to PC via Mobizen

To mirror the Android screen on a web browser. Just log in through this Mobizen website and follow the same steps above.

Mobizen Price

Monthly – $2.99
One Year – $23.90
Two year – $47.88


Keep in mind that all these Android screen mirroring apps need a strong Internet connection. Also, both the platforms should be on a single Wifi to cast Android wirelessly.
While all of these apps are good if you want to integrate your device functionality in the PC. However, if you’re more into playing Android games on PC or using Android apps, I would recommend you to install one of the best Android Emulators to get uninterrupted Android experience on a computer.

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