3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Every year, hundreds of pets are euthanized in the Cleveland area because their owners don’t have pet insurance or know their options.

With a little prior planning, pet insurance may have allowed our veterinary team to save their furry friend.

Unfortunately, searching for Cleveland-area pet insurance can be confusing. With so many sources and different coverage options, how do you know what works best for your pet?

Today we’ll look at three key things you should consider before you buy pet insurance in our area.

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Take into account the following key factors before you buy any coverage for your furry family.

1. Pet Insurance is Different to People Insurance

Unlike your health insurance, pet insurance is offered based on a reimbursement system. You must first pay for the bill, then submit your claim and get reimbursed, depending on any co-pay, deductibles, and “covered expenses” included in your plan. At Big Creek Pet Hospitalwe can help you submit your claim. We can also provide temporary financing while you wait to get reimbursed.

2. Four Key Coverages the Pet Insurance Policy Must Include

Unlike auto insurance, where most companies use similar terms, the various pet insurance companies cover a wide variety of items. Make sure the plan you choose covers these four core elements:
i. Medical Conditions Common to your Pet’s Breed & Species
ii. Coverage for Hereditary & Congenital Diseases (the insurance company determines what is a hereditary disease – not your veterinarian
iii. Coverage for Cancer
iv. Initial & Continued Coverage for Chronic Disease

3. Factors That Influence the Cost of Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

The cost of pet insurance can vary considerably depending on six factors that include:
i. Species – dogs are more expensive than cats
ii. Age – the older the pet the higher the premium
iii. Gender – neutered and spayed pets are normally less expensive to insure
iv. Breed – Purebred dogs, especially larger ones, are more expensive than mixed breed pets
v. Plan Coverage – what does the plan actually cover
vi. Financial Benefits – co-pays, deductibles, & benefit schedule

In terms of coverage, be sure to ask about the cost of add-ons like prescription coverage,and wellness coverage. If all of this proves too costly, accident-only insurance can be considered as a fall back plan, although we estimate only about 15% of animals we see fall into this category of care.

It’s also important to note that there should be no limitations on your choice of clinic. Most legitimate insurers will ensure you coverage no matter which Cleveland veterinarian you select for your pet.

If you have uncertainty on these points or any other questions about buying pet insurance in Cleveland, Ohio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 440-234-5831.

P.S. Here are links to more information about pet insurance and alternatives to pet insurance


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